I had my second cataract operation undertaken by Mr Ghazi-Nouri and his team on my left eye. Thanks to Mr Ghazi-Nouri’s continued skill and professionalism, I now have 20/20 vision in my left eye, far better sight than when I had Laser surgery some 3 years ago. The life changing impact upon their patiants should never be underestimated. Again, the outcome is extremely positive and very much appreciated.


Thank you very much for performing such an amazing successful operation on my right eye cataract. I cannot believe how clearly I can see and how colourful everything is. Thank you for using your skill to improve my quality of life.


I am writing to express my sincere thanks…….particularly to Mr Ghazi-Nouri for all the excellent treatment I have received over recent months. This has resulted in improvements in my eyesight which I would not have believed possible when my course of treatment started.


I wanted to thank you so much for your expertise and kindness whilst in your care with my eyelids problem. I am extremely happy with the results. Many thanks always.


I am so very delighted with the result of recent operation which you performed, that I felt I must say thank you. My near sight is much better- I can read the small print in the latest Telephone Directory now without a magnifying glass, which I had to use before. Regarding long sight I can already fulfil the legal requirement regarding the reading of number plates, if one is to drive, and everything is brighter and clearer. So this letter brings much gratitude for your skill.


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